About 28% of women are be affected
by alopecia from the age of 30.
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Alopecia in women

More and more women are seeing the health of their hair affected. From genetic to environmental or lifestyle factors, women’s suffers increased hair loss after the age of 50.

The causes

Sometimes women suffer from something called Telogen Effluvium which, due to unknown but increasingly common causes, women between the ages of 30 and 60 lose their hair very quickly. It is believed that lifestyle and stress may be the cause and is directly related to a deficit of essential elements such as amino acids, trace elements and vitamins.

Without a doubt, the key moment when a woman has to deal with this drastic hair loss is after giving birth.

The problem

Hair loss is a very common problem for women and directly affects their image. Many women who have this problem feel powerless in the face of the situation and, in many cases, may have lost some confidence in themselves.

The solution

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