25% of men between the ages of 25
and 35 are affected by alopecia.
Don't worry,


Alopecia in men

Alopecia in men is very common, caused mainly by genetic and hormonal factors, but also by stress and lifestyle, which significantly affect the health and condition of the hair.

The causes

It usually starts in the area of the temple and the crown of the head, generating a progressive reduction of the hair follicles, until finally the hair comes out. Its causes are due to a local increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male hormone that causes the hair growth phase to shorten.

The problem

Hair loss is a very common problem in men and it directly affects their image by greatly influencing the physical appearance of those who suffer it. Many of the men who have this problem feel helpless in the face of the situation, as well as loss of physical attractiveness, recognizing in many cases that they have lost some confidence in themselves.

The solution

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