15 things you should know about KeraVit®

1The topical treatments of the KERAVIT® range have been carefully formulated and tested under dermatological control.

2It is suitable and effective for both men and women.

3By quickly treating the first visible signs of hair loss, we are more likely to keep our hair strong and healthy.

4Alopecia as a whole accounts for more than 8% of dermatology consultations, and KERAVIT® can help you.

5KERAVIT® Ampoules act effectively and stop hair loss by 90%.

6Consumer tests show that KERAVIT® Ampoules have a pleasant texture and smell, are easy to apply, penetrate quickly and are non-greasy.

7KERAVIT® provides the necessary nutrients to keep hair healthy.

8– KERAVIT® does not contain any hormonal compounds, so hair will not appear in areas where there was previously none.

9KERAVIT® capsules are suitable for vegans.

10formulation of KERAVIT® is based on proven natural components.

11KERAVIT® is compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

12The entire KERAVIT® range is manufactured under the strictest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

13KERAVIT® is suitable for all hair types.

14The KERAVIT® range offers a solution for every problem, as we provide both topical and oral hair treatments.

15It’s made in Spain.