Takes care of the whole family

The Linatox® Blue Range is specially indicated for atopic, very dry and sensitive skin on the face and body. It accompanies you during the different needs of the whole family: classic formula, daily protection and growth flare-ups. Helps to relieve itching, soothes, moisturises and restores the skin barrier. It helps you to get a nicer looking skin and to regain daily well-being.

Productos Gama Atopia y pieles sensibles

Linatox® Calm Spray

Helps relieve the most intense itching quickly


Relieves inflammation in 15 minutes.

Linatox® Calm Spray for flare-ups. It restores the skin barrier and helps to quickly and lastingly relieve the itching sensation, improving skin inflammation on the face and body. It is ideal for the whole family and for all atopic, dry and sensitive skin types.



Rapid irritation soothing effect in 15 minutes*

✔ Helps to relieve the itching sensation quickly and for a long time.

✔ Helps strengthen the skin’s defensive capacity.

✔ Restores the skin barrier.

✔ Hydrates.

✔ Does not clog skin pores (non-comedogenic).

Dermatologically and paediatrician tested on babies from 6 months.
*Studies conducted on active ingredient.



150 ml Spray solution very easy to apply.



Anti-pruritic active ingredients specifically formulated for sensitive skin, Rhamnosoft HP (inhibits bacterial adhesion), Gum-1 Biosaccharide (strengthens the skin barrier), Capryloyl Glycine (prevents the proliferation of germs), macadamia oil, vitamin E and avocado oil that deeply nourish the skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

Suitable for coeliacs.Contains nuts (macadamia nut oil). Urea free.

Linatox® Moisturising Emulsion

Gentle emulsion for daily protection


Ayuda a aliviar la sensación de picor en 15 min*


Helps to relieve the itching sensation in 15 minutes*.

Linatox® Moisturishing Emulsion helps to control the signs and symptoms associated with atopic skin (dryness, itching, redness and irritation) and also to reduce neurogenic inflammation* of the face and body by strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. It moisturises and protects for a long time, leaving skin flexible and soft. Ideal for the daily care of the whole family.



✔ Helps relieve the itching sensation in 15 min*.

✔ Restores the skin barrier

✔ Protects

✔ Hydrates

✔ Does not clog skin pores (non-comedogenic).

Dermatologically and pediatrician tested on babies from 9 months.



200 ml cream solution.

Practical 500 ml dispenser.



Antipruritic active ingredient that moisturises, soothes and provides a soothing effect; urea (2%); sodium PCA with highly moisturising properties; and ceramides that help repair and regenerate the epidermal barrier. Sunflower oil (Omega 6), panthenol and squalane that provide softness and hydration to the skin and allantoin that promotes the repair and regeneration of the skin. Linatox® Moisturising Emulsion deeply nourishes and hydrates skin.

Suitable for coeliacs.Does not contain any nuts. Contain 2% urea.

*Studies conducted on active ingredient.

Linatox® Calming Emulsion

Classic formula with a soothing and anti-itching effect


With sunflower oil (Omega 6) squalane and vitamin E

Linatox® calming emulsion relieves skin itching or burning sensations of varying intensity. Nourishes, cares for and regenerates the skin. Calming and anti-itching effect for dry and sensitive skin, face and body.



✔ Calming effect

✔ Anti-itching effect

✔ Anti-pruritic

✔ Astringent

Dermatologically tested (adults only).



200 ml cream solution.



Calamine (8%), almond oil (contains Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamin E) and sunflower oil (rich in Omega 6).

One Linatox®
care for each moment

1) Classic formula     2) Daily protection    3) Outbreak period

Linatox® Calm Spray (outbreaks)

Linatox® hydrating emulsion

Dermathologically tested

Calma - 76%
Ayuda a aliviar el picor - 86%
Hidrata - 86%
Restaura la barrera cutánea - 71%
  • Protects - 91%
  • Helps to relieve the itchiness - 86%
  • Hydrates - 91%
  • Restores the skin barrier - 86%

Adults studies’ results prove the efficacy of the calm effect of Linatox®.

70% - Calming efficacy in reactive people.
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