From the initial idea to the final customer.

Comprehensive solutions for a global market

At Serra Pamies Laboratories, we cover the whole product cycle and we offer customised solutions based on your needs. From development and GMP production to launch, subsequent distribution, logistics and promotion. All of this is available in both the national and international markets.

Development of new products

Investments in the research and development of innovative products have increased exponentially in all companies within the Serra Pamies Group thanks to our international presence.

Innovation and technology to remain at the forefront of health

Our team analyses market needs and responds with new products and by innovating existing products. To do so, we establish collaboration agreements with Spanish universities.

As a result of these efforts, Serra Pamies Laboratories presents a varied selection of new products every year, along with new presentations of the products in our catalogue.

GMP production

All of our medicines and presentations are produced in our production plants and laboratories in line with GMP international certification.

The guarantee of Serra Pamies products is internationally recognised

Expansion of our facilities, with more than 6,000 m2 set aside for laboratories and production lines, was carried out in agreement with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

Investing in quality under GMP standards enables us to equip our extensive, modern facilities with the capacity and efficiency required to compete on a daily basis with demanding global safety regulations.

Promotion and marketing

We have our own team that undertakes promotion and marketing of our products in the medical industry, hospital sector and points of sale with visits and personalised presentations.

Extensive presence in all market industries





Distribution and logistics

In the Logistics Department we organise distribution of our products to the market via all channels.

Select, intensive distribution

Efficiency in logistics is a key aspect at the Serra Pamies Group. As such, we have modern facilities where we centralise all shipments to pharmacies, hospitals and large distribution chains, depending on each case.

We have logistics and distribution agreements in place with market wholesalers and large purchase groups.

International markets

Serra Pamies Laboratories is a company in a state of continuing development. With the launch of both innovative and consolidated products, our international presence has increased notably in recent years.


We are present on all continents

We like to think we are a flexible, modern partner prepared to tackle the needs and demands of each market. The flexibility we offer our customers in formulation and presentations is key to launching products in new markets.

For this reason, we analyse the development of new products on an international level and we constantly study the inclusion of new product lines to be distributed in our markets.

International agreements

We also have in place and offer international licence agreements for products and services.

The aim of Serra Pamies Laboratories is mutual benefit and long-term cooperation in transactions with its partners and, on an individual level, to assess the needs of each distributor and its market.

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